Choosing a Theme

No word of a lie, I wasted a good part of 3 days looking for a new theme for my blog.  I have the same problem when I go shopping; I have something in mind and never find exactly what I’m looking for.

I trolled the internet and  All I wanted was a customisable header and 3 columns (left and right sidebars).  I really didn’t think it would be that difficult.  I tried Vigilance, Mumrik, Vinica, Lysa, Atahualpa, JSo4w, Constructor, Blass and many more.  They all started off well but as soon as I wanted to do something simple like change the font, headers or column widths I became unstuck. I found I couldn’t get it exactly as I wanted, unless I had some knowledge of coding and cascading style sheets (css), which I don’t.

I really wouldn’t recommend messing about with the css unless you really know what you’re doing.  I did and I made a right mess of the template.  Luckily, I have a friend who managed to sort it out for me.

In the end, after speaking to @violetposy, I decided to purchase a theme!!!  Well, I persuaded my hubby to get it for me for Mother’s day.  I know it sounds insane to spend money on a Theme when there are so many free ones, but once I calculated the amount of time and stress it would save me it really wasn’t that expensive (£56).

The reason I like the Thesis theme is because of ease in which you can customise.  The options are endless and it doesn’t require knowledge of coding.  You can choose fonts; number of columns, where you want them and you can use a custom header. Here is an example of the design options.

When I purchased it I also noticed that they have an affiliates program so I thought what the hell.  I think it’s great and if I can earn a bit back why not.  So, if you decide to purchase the Thesis Theme from DIY themes, I would be most grateful if you used this link.

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