Manage your Children’s Pocket Money with an App

25 June 2014 0 comments

Roosterbank Allows you to Manage your Kid’s Pocket Money Your example is everything when it comes to teaching your children about money – Rachael Cruze I’m crap with money and always have been.  However, I would like to instil in my daughter the value of money and getting her saving from an early age.  I’m […]

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Technology is not making our kids stupid!

11 February 2014 6 comments

Myths About Teenagers and Tech that Parents should ignore On the weekend I read an article by Elizabeth Pearle, the Senior Editor of HuffPost  Teen called 5 Myths that Parents should ignore about Teens and Technology.  She challenges the myths that technology is making our kids thick, anti-social and causing them to have attention spans […]

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5 iPad Apps for Halloween 2013

28 October 2013 0 comments

With half-term looming, Halloween around the corner and weather forecasters warning about storms coming next week, I spent a bit of time looking for a few Halloween iPad apps in case we have a few days stuck indoors. We’ve had a really good play with some of the Halloween iPad Apps today and I can […]

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Top Tips for protecting your child from pornographic content

28 October 2013 0 comments

Do you know how to keep your kids safer online? I first met Tony Anscombe a few months ago at a ‘Child Internet Safety’ round-table discussion and how parents felt about tackling it.  The general consensus was that parents are aware of some of the dangers of the internet, many of them are willing and […]

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What to do with all your digital photos

2 October 2013 79 comments

Buried under a mountain of Digital Photos like me? I really must sort out the photos on my iPhone.  I have nearly 2000 when I accessed the photos by my PC today I saw this….. Most of my digital photos can probably be deleted and the rest filed but it’s such a mammoth task that […]

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How to talk to young kids about the internet?

12 September 2013 3 comments

I think it’s time I started talking about internet safety A few months ago I attended a round table event hosted by AVG, where we spoke about online safety and how confident parents felt about dealing with it.  As a Technology Consultant in Education I do feel that I have a slight advantage to some […]

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Have you googled your kids recently?

15 July 2013 12 comments

How confident are you managing your kids internet use? I was recently invited to a round table discussion at AVG Technologies in Covent Garden to chat about online safety for kids.  AVG in partnership with Plymouth University recently carried out a study, ‘Parents, Schools and the Digital Divide‘ to look at how well parents understood […]

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How to Keep Younger Children Safer When Using Computers

25 June 2013 7 comments

Featured Post  More than a third of all 3-4 year-olds are now accessing the internet in their homes. My daughter has been accessing computers since she was two, and swipe technology has made this possible. She whizzes around the iPhone and iPad better than her father does and can often be seen on my lap […]

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Never thought I’d download a kid’s app like this…..

16 April 2013 4 comments

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to kids apps and often boast ‘you’ll only find educational apps on my phone/ipad’.  I even have them in folders; Literacy, Numeracy, Big Books, etc.  You won’t find Angry Birds, Ninja Fruit or any farting animals! However, during the school holidays, I started to look for […]

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Sneak HD – iPad App for kids

2 April 2013 2 comments

Do you worry about your kids sitting like lumps in front of the iPad?  Then this app ‘Sneak HD’ by Made in Me (£1.49), is for you.  It gets them up off the sofa moving around, perfect for the looming school holidays. It does what it ‘says on the tin’.  There are 5 monsters that […]

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