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Weekly Meals for Families

40+ Meal Ideas for Busy Mums

Planning my weekly meals is one of my least favourite things to do.  I spend ages trolling the internet looking for inspiration for child-friendly recipes.  However, I do find that planning our weekly meals saves us time, money, waste and ensures we eat a little better. I recently asked a rather large group of local […]

Mini Toad in the Hole Recipe

Mini Toad in the Hole Recipe

Easy Mid Week Meal Idea for Kids Planning our weekly meals is the bane of my life!  This week I was inspired by an image that I saw on Pinterest of these Mini Toads in a hole.  I’m not normally one for ‘Cute Food’ but  it looked relatively easy and I was fairly confident my […]

Easy Hairs Styles for Girls

Can Your Hubby Plait Hair?

Easy 5-in-1 Hairstyle for Girls I was searching YouTube look for easy girls hairstyles in an attempt to tame my daughter’s hair and I came across a tutorial that purported to be an easy ‘5-in-1 Easy Daddy Do’ pitched at stay at home dads, weekend dads or inept mums like me. I watched the video […]

Travel with Kids


Things to do in North Norfolk with a 7 Year Old

The Christmas before last, we went away for the first time.  As a small family of 3, Christmas Day at home is nice but with limited family around the rest of the holiday can be rather quiet so last year we decided to go away.  We went to Coombemill in Cornwall, it worked out so […]

Portsmouth with Kids

Things to do with Kids in Hampshire

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and The Spinnaker Tower If you haven’t been to Portsmouth in awhile you really should! I’ve only ever been to Portsmouth once before and that was to take a ferry to France, so really didn’t have any prior experience of it.  When we were planning on making an overnight trip a few […]

Kids & Tech

Instructions for Setting Time Limits on an iPad

How to set time limits on an iPad

Worried about your kids spending too much time on iPads? I haven’t found the perfect solution for setting time limits on an iPad yet.  I was hoping for an app, that as soon as my 7-year old picked it up and started playing a timer would start and lock her out after a set period […]


Manage your Children’s Pocket Money with an App

Roosterbank Allows you to Manage your Kid’s Pocket Money Your example is everything when it comes to teaching your children about money – Rachael Cruze I’m crap with money and always have been.  However, I would like to instil in my daughter the value of money and getting her saving from an early age.  I’m […]

Myths About Teens and Tech 340

Technology is not making our kids stupid!

Myths About Teenagers and Tech that Parents should ignore On the weekend I read an article by Elizabeth Pearle, the Senior Editor of HuffPost  Teen called 5 Myths that Parents should ignore about Teens and Technology.  She challenges the myths that technology is making our kids thick, anti-social and causing them to have attention spans […]

Kid’s Activities

Den Building for Small Gardens

How to build a simple den with kids

How to Make a Den You know when you see something so simple and genius and have to share……. As a child I spent hours building Dens which we call Forts in Canada We went to Lollibop UK last weekend at Hatfield House in Herts, a lot of it was targeted at younger children but […]

Open Mead Farm, Leighton Buzzard

Outdoor things to do with Kids Near St Albans

Mead Open Farm, near Leighton Buzzard and Go Ape, Black Forest With Summer holiday looming I thought you may be interested in a few days out I discovered for kids recently near St Albans, Herts.  These two places are perfect for letting kids burn off a bit of that energy. Mead Open Farm On the […]



How to train your hubby to do the School Run!

7 Simple Questions We started back to school last week, thank god as I was on my knees and desperate to have routine back!  As I work in teacher training the first couple of days back are usually busy form me, with INSET days, so I left hubby to do the school run.  It’s one […]

How do you eat your pizza?

Do you eat your Pizza with your hands?

‘Everybody likes pizza! It’s a quick and easy clean-up meal’ – Buddy Valastro I’ve always eaten pizza with my hands.  However, once moving to the UK, I noticed more and more people eating it with a fork and knife, which I find a tad strange.  Often when I go out with friends, I always find […]

Solvetta Lunch Box Review

Clever Lunchbox for Kids

What a clever design for a kid’s lunch box! ‘We absolutely love M’s new lunchbox!’ – dinner ladies I was sent this Flatbox-Lunchbox from The Nicest Stuff a few weeks ago and I think it’s absolutely brilliantly clever!  As you can see, it opens out flat so you can use it as a mini picnic […]