A bit about me:

  • I’m 40+!  How did that happen?
  • I married my husband within 11 months of meeting him
  • I have a 7 year old
  • I’m Canadian but have been living in UK for 15 years.
  • I drink too much red wine
  • I’m not a natural in the kitchen
  • I grew up in a single parent household
  • I have jumped out of a plane, bungee jumped and ran 3 half marathons
  • I have done a bit of travelling: Saudi, Malaysia, Africa, Iceland, Jordan…..
  • I’ve worn a Burka (an Abaya actually) to work
  • I’m scared of dogs, snakes and large flocks of birds
  • I sometimes sleep with my eyes open
  • I don’t listen to my parking sensors
  • I lack frontal screening
  • I’m not religious but did attend Catholic School for a year
  • I do ICT training in schools