My Twitter Journey

The other day I was doing some laundry and I don’t know why, but when I glanced at our rather large basket of unmatched socks it made me think of twitter!

When I first started twitter I felt like a lonely sock on the clothes line, blowing in the wind, talking to myself.

In time, I started to collect some other odd socks but sometimes I couldn’t see the connection.

After awhile I started to make quite a few matches, with the odd sock still hanging around.

Along the way I’ve had to throw out a few socks as they had holes in them and some I’ll never find a match to, but I have kept quite a few odd socks as they make it more interesting.

Is this similar to your experience with Twitter?  Please do leave a comment.

Thanks to the lovely Susan (@CocaBeenSlinky), a very good twitter mate who is always laughing, for the illustrations. They’re fab aren’t they? She doesn’t advertise herself as an artist, but I’m sure, if you’re like me and blog but can’t draw and struggle to find copyright free images, she may knock you some up for a small fee! I’m paying her in wine.