You made me spit my drink out!

I’ve developed this award for those blog posts (not blogger or blog but actual post) that make me spit coffee all over my keyboard; you know the ones that deserve more than a retweet, comment, PMSL, ROFLMAO, or LOL.

I’d like to build up a list of my favourite posts so I can revisit them and hopefully you can enjoy them too and maybe meet some new people….I know you can favourite posts in Google Reader but I only want to include those real corkers.

Here is my list so far:

Attack of the Redneck Mommy – Feral is as Feral Does

Notes from Lapland – Vagina Secrets Part Deux

Vegemitevix – Flying Brazilian

Who’s the Mummy – Just too good not to share

Feel free to take the badge and pass it on.  However, I’d love to see your Tena moment posts.  If you have any must reads please do let me know!