Embarrassing Moments

Here is my contribution to @urbanvox’s most embarrassing moments meme.  It’s an old post so hopefully it’s okay.

After having my daughter, to say I was self conscious about my body would be an understatement.  So when I was invited to my best friend’s Hen Party in Spain, the thought of putting on a bathing suit filled me with dread.

I met up with my best friend prior to going and we were chatting about this.  She said that everyone would be wearing bikinis and there would be all shapes and sizes, from a size 6 to a 20.  After a few beers I decided ‘what the hell’ and headed to BHS to try on some bikinis.  I’ve never really been a bikini person.  I can assure you it didn’t look good but, I don’t know how, it did look better than my one piece Speedo style one.  It may have been the beer talking

Fast-forward; so, off to Spain we went and hit the beach.  Lying on the sun beds wasn’t a problem as long as I kept my arms strategically placed above my head.  But, after several pints I couldn’t put off a trip to the loo any longer.  So, I stood tall, shoulders back and held my stomach in with all my might and proceeded to walk the length of the bar past all my friends and other stag and hen parties.

I was convinced they were all staring at me…….

And they were…………

As I’d walked the entire length of the bar with my Tampon string hanging out of my bikini!  I might as well have been naked!

What’s your most embarrassing moment?