Baby Names

Sometimes, I have second thoughts about the name we chose for my daughter and we do get very strange looks from people.  On one occasion when boarding a plane, a slightly scary drunk woman from Belfast said ‘that’s not a name that’s a sir name!’  My father in-law point blank refused to use her name for the first few months and always opted for her middle name, which wound me up incessantly.

However, he also never forgave me for not changing my name when I got married, and every year on my birthday, would send me a cheque with the wrong name on it.  But luckily, my best friend coincidentally shares the same initial as me and has the same last name as my husband so I still managed to cash the cheques.

Just like most expecting parents, we started to troll the internet for baby names and too be honest we spent the majority of time looking at baby boy names as we were hoping for a boy.   We wanted something Celtic that also had a link with Canada. However, when we had the 20 week scan we were told we were having a girl so we had to start looking all over again.   It really was difficult and resembled a game of tennis.  I would suggest baby girl names; he would say no, he would suggest a name I would say no.   This went on for days possibly weeks.

Then out of nowhere it came to me, I blurted it out and he immediately said yes.  It ticked all the boxes being Celtic and Canadian.  So, there you have it. But in the end, my daughter really suits her name, it’s unique and slightly boyish…..just like her!

Any guesses?

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