A taste of home!

You know the feeling when you’ve been away from home for a while and you start craving things from home, like your own bed and some of your favourite foods.  As a Canadian living in the UK I’ve had this feeling many times over the last 10 years.  In addition, now that I tend to use the internet more and more for recipes I often come across North American recipes that have ingredients that I can’t find here.

Last week I came across American Soda, thanks to a tip-off from a twitter mate, who stock American products and deliver nationwide.  I was like a kid in a candy shop! I didn’t know where to start.  They have everything from Ding Dongs to Hamburger Helper! Sadly, I couldn’t find any Cheese Whizz which is one step away from Styrofoam.

The service was excellent and the prices/shipping are reasonable.  I wouldn’t do my weekly shop there but I now have a stash of a few of my favourites in the cupboard for those homesick moments.

I’ll definitely be shopping there again.  If you have any North American friends it would be a great place to buy them a slightly unique gift

Even if you don’t fancy shopping there it is worth a look at some of the weird and wonderful things we eat.  No wonder obesity is an issue!

Disclosure:  I received £20 worth of products in return for this review

Things not to buy kids!

I don’t know what possessed my husband to buy one of these for my daughter’s scooter. Last week we saw a couple of kids with them in the park and I clearly remember stating what a ridiculous idea I thought it was. As usual it obviously went in one ear and out the other. He now regrets his decision, as it sounds as though we have a clown car zooming around the lounge!

I think it’s going to mysteriously disappear, possibly up an orafice (husband’s that is)!?!?!?

Bet you can’t listen to all 12 seconds of this! Feel my pain!