Low Carb Rice Recipe

Social Media is not doing much for my figure.  I’m far from obese, but I’m currently unhappy with my weight, as I’m about a stone over my target weight.  Don’t hate me, I don’t eat chocolate, crisps or cakes and for the most part we eat fairly well as a family but my biggest downfall is wine!

I don’t have the patience for things like Weight Watchers or Slimming World where you lose a pound a week, so every once in a while, to shed a few pounds, I embark on my own version of a low-carb diet.  The biggest challenge I have is thinking of things to cook as our normal menu is heavily based on potatoes and rice.

I have mastered faux mash, which is basically steamed cauliflower mashed with butter salt and pepper but tonight I used Linda’s Faux Rice Recipe, which is incredibly easy and with a pleasing result!  It didn’t taste like rice but it was surprisingly nice!

So, I was able to enjoy my slow cooker lamb curry as usual tonight!  I also plan to chuck a bit of exercise into the mix as well.