What to do with all your digital photos

Buried under a mountain of Digital Photos like me?

I really must sort out the photos on my iPhone.  I have nearly 2000 when I accessed the photos by my PC today I saw this…..

Too many photos on iphone

Most of my digital photos can probably be deleted and the rest filed but it’s such a mammoth task that I can’t face.  I really need to set aside some time to slowly, in bursts, go through them and file them.  I’m not worried about losing them as they are backed up but I feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of photographs that I’m amassing and with very little organisation this is only going to get worse.

As a blogger and due to copyright issues I tend to keep a lot of my photos, thinking, I may one day need them for a blog post.  You never know when you’re going to need some random photo of a courgette!

It’s such a shame that they just sit on my phone and I do very little with them.  I do create the odd Facebook album and share via Instagram.

So today,  I’ve spent some time trolling the net for inspiration beyond the typical printing on canvases, coffee mugs or an iPhone cases and thought I’d share some of the ideas with you.

8 Different Things to do with your Digital Photos

Screen Saver

You can also do this on your PC or desktop.  However, we have an AppleTV, which is not actually a TV but a device that allows me to access my iTunes content via the TV.  I have set the screen saver on the Apple TV so that it scrolls through my camera roll which is great as we can enjoy some of the photos.

Personalised Photo Books

Personalised Photos Books By Huggler.comI keep meaning to do this but again due to time I haven’t.  There are so many companies out their such as Blurb, Snapfish, Photobox and Huggler to name a few that allow you to upload your photos and create your own photobooks.  These would make great gifts or coffee table books that you could flick through on a rainy day.

Printed Scarves

Personalised Photo Scarves by Bags of LoveI absolutely love this idea and had no idea that it could be done. Have one of your favourite photos printed onto a scarf.  I have a thing for scarves and can see myself getting one soon.

Create a Movie

You could use things like Movie Maker (free on PCs) or iMovie to create your own movie using the images.  They are fairly straightforward to use and you can add your own narration, music, etc.  Then publish to YouTube so you can share it.

Create a ScrapBook

I’m definitely not a scrapbooker, as I don’t have the patience for it,  but my sister has made them for me in the past and I really cherish the ones I have.  Simply print a few off and get started.  This may be a good project for the little ones


Personalised Photo Coasters by HandpickedCreate your own personalised coasters, saves the red wine rings on surfaces, by simply inserting your own photos.  I recently saw some on Handpicked, I’ve made a mental note for Christmas presents for Granny.



Musical Video

It’s amazing the difference it makes by simply adding music to your photos.  A while back I used Memory Blender, which is incredibly easy, simply email your photos to them.  Then they select a theme, put it to music and send you the finished movie so you can publish and share it.


Storage Tin

Personalised Photo Tins by Bags of LoveYou can never have enough storage tins.  But instead of labelling them you could have relevant photos printed on the top of the tin (e.g Biscuit Tin, Pencils, Keep Sakes, Nuts and Bolts).  Again another fab idea for gifts.

Photo Credits Bags of Love and Handpicked

Win a Personalised Hardcover Photo Book from Huggler

In addition to all this talk about what to do with all your digital photos, the lovely folks at Huggler.com have offered my readers a chance to win a voucher for one of their Personalised Hardcover Photo Book .

To enter simply use the form below.  Full terms and conditions are at the bottom but in short.  It’s open to UK Residents, aged 18+ and closes on the 9th October 2013.

Good luck.

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Product Review: Brother Max 3 in 1 Digital Thermometer

We have one of those digital thermometers with the little plastic covers.  To be honest, I find it very difficult to get her to sit still long enough to take and accurate reading, I never get the same reading twice and I find it very fiddly to get the little plastic covers on as you are not supposed to touch them and when you release them they go flying across the room.  So, I was intrigued about this Brother Max 3 in 1 Thermometer that boasted being able to take an accurate reading in a second.

Everything about this thermometer is cool.  Please forgive the pun.  It’s so easy to use even a child can use it, which you will see later.  Literally, you just pop it out of the packaging (which is clever in itself) and throw a couple of batteries in it.  If the ear piece is in then it takes the room temperature and if it’s out you can take either an ear or forehead reading with the press of a button.  How easy is that?

I tried to drum up some sick children for this review, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately everyone around here is fighting fit.  I did use it on Madame and it confirmed she is healthy.

The only downside I can see is that Madame thinks it’s a toy and loves to play doctor and take her baby’s temperatures.  She even took her pal’s temperature yesterday and she too is healthy.  Maybe she’ll be a doctor when she grows up (wishful thinking).  She takes the thermometer everywhere.  It’s been to nursery, the childminders and the park.  I had to draw the line when she wanted to take it into the bath as I’m assuming it’s not waterproof.  Thankfully, it is very robust as it’s been dropped and kicked on numerous occasions.

In the run up to Meningitis Awareness Week, Brother Max commissioned research – in association with media medic Dr Hilary Jones and Meningitis Research Foundation – focusing on children’s health concerns around meningitis and temperature. Over 1500 parents and carers took part in the survey. This survey flagged up a couple of very interesting points where there is misunderstanding about taking your child’s temperature, for example:

  • 76% are not completely confident at diagnosing illness with their children
  • 39% are not entirely confident at taking a child’s temperature
  • 33% of parents use and rely on devices to measure temperatures that most health professionals consider to give inaccurate or unreliable readings, increasing the risk of incorrectly diagnosing illness in their children.

More information on the survey can be found here.

Here is Dr. Hilary Jones talking about the importance of monitoring and taking temperatures.