How to remove objects from kid’s ears and noses

My daughter isn’t the first child to stick things in places where they shouldn’t go.  You may remember the time I had to suck a pea out of her nose but managed to avoid A&E, genius.

Last night she was supposed to be in bed. But we could hear her pitter pattering around upstairs, really didn’t think much about it. We found her whimpering at the top of the stairs.  We discovered that she had got into my make-up and then sprayed hairspray in her eyes.  In hindsight, it was a bit frightening as she was crying at the top of the stairs and she could’ve easily have fallen down them.  After administering basic first aid, I did a quick Google search and learned that hairspray will hurt but won’t cause permanent damage.

Tonight, she has excelled herself!

Would you pierce your toddler’s ears?

I took Madame swimming this morning at a place we’d never been before.  It was great. However, I saw an inordinate number of toddlers with earrings, not just studs but loopy ones.  I really don’t know what possesses people to do such things.  It strikes me as being a bit barbaric and possibly against the child’s free will.   Does it really matter if people mistake your little girl for a boy???

I have nothing against piercings and I have had quite a few myself, but this is something I chose to do when I was a bit older.  If Madame wants to get her ears pierced when she’s a bit older (10-12 yrs), I have no issue with it; however, I can’t see myself agreeing to it any earlier.  If I pierce her ears now, what’s she going to do to rebel and show her independence with when she’s a teen; Branding, Skull Studs or Tattoos???

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