#Earthhour on Twitter

If you were around on twitter last night just before 8.30 you would’ve seen me panicking as I’d forgotten about Earth Hour. As a result, it was a quick sprint around the house to turn off all of the lights!  This was the 3rd year I’d participated in Earth Hour but the first two times I was much better prepared.

However, this time I was stumbling around the house in the dark trying to find a light source, which involved rummaging around under my bed.  I nearly ended up with a vibrator strapped to my head but eventually I found this:

Phew! Now I could sit back, drink wine and enjoy Earth Hour with my mates on Twitter.

I’ve just been doing a bit of reading as I was curious how much energy earth hour saved. Apparently, online applications (e.g. Twitter/Facebook) used during Earth Hour actually used more energy than saved by turning the lights out. Eeek! The organisers were encouraging people to post messages and photos on social network sites and if you were on Twitter you would have seen a hive of activity around it.

I felt a bit silly after reading this, but in the end I guess it’s all about awareness. So, if millions of us were tweeting about it then it was worth it!