Kids and jetlag

We’ve just returned from a fabulous holiday in Canada.  The only downside is we’re now suffering from jetlag, Madame and I have been up since 2 am and she’s now on her second movie.  I don’t find it too bad when we travel to Canada.  We usually have a couple of days of her waking at 5.30 am but then she slips back into routine.  However, when we fly back to the UK we often struggle.

This made me wonder if it’s normal to struggle more from west to east than east to west.  With a bit of spare time on my hands I did a bit of reading.  Apparently, it is more difficult from west to east as you face bedtimes earlier than normal and it’s easier to keep yourself awake than it is to force yourself to sleep which makes perfect sense.  For example, when it’s 8pm here it’s only lunchtime in Canada.

Do you agree or disagree?

Any tips on how to crack it?

Now I just need to find something to do until Sainsbury’s opens.