Who will you vote for?

I normally don’t have a political bone in my body, embarrassingly I’ve never voted in all my 38 years, but this election has peeked my interest.  As most of you know I can’t vote.  For years, I thought I was unable to vote because I’m a foreigner, but recently thanks to one of my followers, I found out I can, being part of the Commonwealth but unfortunately it was too late to register.

I think my original thought stems from the last time I wandered into a polling station and asked and they said no….in reflection it may have something to do with the fact I was drunk and didn’t have a polling card ;-).

I know there are many fan dangled official polls but I’m genuinely interested to know who my friends will be voting for.  I know this is a very private matter for most so this vote is completely anonymous.

[polldaddy poll=3142148]

If you’re still stumped on who to vote for I also found this quiz.