Mummy Friendly Salons Near Radlett and St Albans, Herts

Where to get your haircut in Radlett, near St Albans

‘You know you’re a mum when a trip to the hairdressers feels like a week away at a health spa.’

Like most mums, I’ve let myself go a bit and instead of having my hair done monthly I now have it done yearly.  A few weeks ago with my birthday looming and a trip away, I took the opportunity to have my hair done.  My roots were now longer than the highlighted ends.  Eeeek!


There is nothing like sitting on your own for a couple of hours, child-free, drinking coffee, listening to the friendly banter of the staff, reading magazines and playing on your phone in a gorgeous environment whilst being pampered.  I could have stayed all day.

I went to Espiritu Salon and Spa at  Battlers Green Farm, near Radlett.  If you’ve never been to Battlers Green it’s worth a visit.  There’s an eclectic collection of about a dozen shops including a Butchers, Tearooms and Vintage Shops plus there FREE parking.

Lost Cause!

I’m really easy going when it comes to getting my hair done, I usually plonk down in the chair and say do whatever you like as anything would be an improvement.  However, Tony Collinson the Salon director with over 30 years experience cutting hair, knew damn well that if he did something fancy that would require maintenance, it really wasn’t going to happen with my busy schedule; the bedraggled ponytail post school run may have been a dead giveaway.

However, he did spoil me with the finishing touches, which I could at least enjoy for a day or two until it needed a wash and I revert to my old ways.  Oh they must despair!

My choices were stunning or gorgeous.  What do you reckon?

Spa and Salon in Radlett

The Colour Specialist, Danielle Mullins, also cracked this as well, it may have been the extraordinarily long roots that I had, so she opted for a combination of highlights that would allow me to get away with letting it go a little longer between visits.   The lift in colour not only got rid of the mousy colour but weirdly made the rest of me look less tired.  Unfortunately, these ‘selfies’ don’t do it justice.

Espiritu Salon and Spa

A HUGE thank you to TEAM at Espiritu for not only giving me a much needed break but also making me feel special, if only for a few hours and look a lot better,  something us mums don’t do enough of.

With mums in mind Espiritu has started Mummy Mondays where you can pop in to have your own hair done, there are soft mats for babies and toddlers and  you can get a Free Quick Cut for one of your kids.  For more details check out Mummy Mondays.