Eye Tracking

I’ve had a bit of a change around on the blog today.  Today, I went to Blogcamp in London , the brainchild of Sally Whittle, which was sponsored by Talk Talk. It was a brilliant day.  To me a course is good if I come away learning at least one thing and I have to say I learned something from each and every one of the speakers.  Over the next few days I’m going to filter through some of the things that I’ve learned.

Dafydd Prichard from Cite, introduced the concept of the F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content.  Studies have proven that there is a certain pattern that people’s eyes make when scanning a webpage which resembles the letter F.  They scan horizontally twice and then scan down the left hand side.  The reason I found this so interesting is that the design of the majority of blogs that I read, including my own are contradictory to this.  So, many of us have our side bars down the right hand side.  So in essence, people may be missing important content, including navigation on our blogs.

Luckily, I use the thesis theme for wordpress which makes it dead easy to switch them around.

Thank you Dafydd for this little gem.