Breakfast with Father Christmas

An intimate audience with Father Christmas

‘Mummy, that wasn’t the real Santa as he had green eyes and the real Santa has blue eyes’

This was the second year in a row that we’ve been rumbled.   Last year, it was a dishevelled  beard that gave it away. However, she was happy with the explanation that Father Christmas can’t be everywhere and needs helpers.  Phew!

We were going to go to our local Farm to visit Santa’s Grotto, which is beautiful, but you have to go early to avoid the queues and it is very expensive.  So this year,  we decided to drive a bit further afield to Royston Garden Centre for breakfast with Santa.

Breakfast with Father Christmas

No Crowds and a Fry Up!

I really rate it.  It’s a much smaller more intimate visit with Santa, there was less than 10 other children there.  When we arrived there was a table waiting for us and luckily for us, Santa likes a full English Breakfast served  by extremely friendly elves and of course a Christmas Fairy.  There is also a soft play area so they can toddle off while you finish your breakfast.

Santa arrives after breakfast and has time with each of the children, no professional photographers so you can snap away without being pressured to buy overpriced photos at the end.

We finished off our visit by making gingerbread men and on the way out we had to buy this dancing hat!

Perfect for kids who hate crowds

If you have a child who would really like to visit Santa but really doesn’t do well in crowds, I’d really recommend a visit to this garden centre.

And on a side note they also do events for Easter and Halloween.

Have a fabulous Christmas!