Genuine Dermaroller and Snail Slime!

On Friday I went for my second round of Genuine Dermaroller.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s an anti ageing treatment that involves sticking hundreds of tiny needles into your face to stimulate collagen growth in the hope of making me look younger.  

Honest it doesn’t hurt

It’s been very difficult to convince you guys that it doesn’t in fact hurt, as they freeze your face first, so I thought I’d take a little video to prove it to you.


See it’s not that bad.  Too be honest, I haven’t noticed a huge change yet but I’m not expecting to for a month or so.

Poor Carolina, the owner and therapist at the Anti Ageing Clinic has her work cut out for her.  After years of bad habits, too much sun and a non-existent skin regime she has had to up the ante.  In addition, to the treatment she has also supplied me a plethora of face creams.

Snail Slime!

I’m completely fascinated by the Endocare Range as they are made from ‘the natural secretions of the mollusc Cryptomphallus aspersa’, in laymans terms, snail slime!  Don’t worry it’s been processed and is not just a box of snails.

As instructed, I have been applying the cream to my face day and night.  However, this morning my eye-lids were unusually puffy so I dropped her a message on Twitter.

Her first response was…..

’you didn’t put the cream on your eyelids did you?’ 

(As they’re part of my face)

yes, I did

She did her best to be professional and not to laugh at me, but apparently, eye-cream is different than face cream and this would explain the puffiness!  Well who would’ve known?  At least she now knows who she is working with!

I’ll keep you posted.

If you missed my first visit, you can see it here.