Little Girl Who Lost her Name

14 March 2013 2 comments

I was really hoping to write this post last week, as it was National Book Day but time got away on me and we read the most delightful book, the Little Girl Who Lost her Name by David Cadji Newby. It all starts with a little girl who wakes up in the morning to find […]

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Silly Slippeez Slippers

5 February 2013 0 comments

These slippers made us laugh a lot!  As you can see, as you walk along the ears go up and down.  The shocked expression on the Zebra’s face is hilarious.  They also have Sharks, Dinosaurs and Kitties. Unfortunately, the first pair that were sent to us stopped working after about 5 minutes, but we were […]

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Top 5 Christmas Presents of 2011

27 December 2011 1 comment

Overall, I think we did fairly well on the present front, not too much tat. In a way, we are lucky that my family is overseas and posting presents is extortionate.  So they, tend to send money for me to buy presents for our daughter.  I really like this as it allows me to control […]

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Personalised Gifts

19 June 2011 0 comments

My hubby took this photo of Madame when we were on holiday in Wales recently.  I love it.  I hate to admit it but he always manages to get better photos than me on his iphone.  He thinks its skill and struts around like a proud peacock, but I’m convinced he has different camera software […]

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Personalised Birth Block Prints

6 December 2010 0 comments

I really wish I would’ve got one of these when Madame was little, but I guess better late than never. The lovely Kirsty from Blockart sent me a few samples (personalised birth print, lower case alphabet and a festive reindeer) and I was truly impressed with the product and quality. She not only does personalised […]

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Weekend away with the girls!

18 November 2010 4 comments

I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.  It’s a friend of mine’s 40th this weekend and we’re off to Norfolk to spend the weekend in a Barn.  No partners or kids, just 10 crazy women!!!  I anticipate a lot of carnage. I first met my mate back in 1997 in a hostel in New […]

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