These Shoes are Made for Walking

This is what happened last time I wore my trusty walking shoes when I trekked the Gower Peninsula for Breast Cancer last year.

I’ve been trying to work out how long I’ve had them.  I think it must be at least 7 years, probably closer to 10.  They’ve done the Moonwalk, climbed Mount Kinabalu (2nd highest mountain in South East Asia) and have been to at least 10 different countries in this time.

So, when Hotter Shoes offered to send me a new pair to try out I jumped at the chance.  They sent me a pair of Sierra Women’s Gore-Tex Walking Shoes (£69) I haven’t had a chance to give them a proper test as we don’t do as much walking as we used to.  Madame is at that awkward age where she is too heavy to carry in a back pack and not quite big enough to do longer walks.

However, I have been wearing them around the house and to and from school.  Bliss!  They are so much lighter than my last ones.  I love the style and colour, plus the ice skating type hooks that allow me to tie them tightly. From what I can tell so far they are also very good quality.  I had a look at the seams, joins and moulds and I’m impressed.

When I took them off last night I said to hubby ‘these shoes are so comfy’.

I can’t wait to try them out properly.  Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to my old ones.  Off to the bin for them!