Is There a Correct Way to Hang a Loo Roll?

I was a very strong believer that this was the correct way to hang a toilet roll, with the paper hanging down the back.  So much so, that if I came around to your house and you didn’t have one of those fancy or lock and key toilet roll holders I would switch yours around.  Do bear in mind that I’m the kind of person that will also straighten picture frames in other people’s houses.  I don’t know if it’s the Libra in me but everything has to be balanced.

However, I’ve been doing some very scientific research (Google) and discovered in fact that I may have been wrong.  Apparently, in addition to being more hygienic, it’s also more environmentally friendly, efficient and will make you a better person if you hang the loo roll with the sheet hanging over the top.

Reasons why:

  1. When it’s hanging down the back it touches the back recessed bit or the wall, where if we’re honest with ourselves, we never clean.  So, instead of cleaning yourself you are actually introducing more germs.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.
  2. This not something I don’t worry about that much, but I’ve read that over the top is much more conducive to one handed tearing???  Can someone please elaborate?
  3. It reduces the stress when trying to locate the end of the roll.  But, what if it’s a new roll and the first sheet is stuck in place with a bit of glue?  Mine ends up looking like a hamster’s bedding!
  4. It deters small people from unravelling the whole roll as there is less gravitational pull.
  5. And lastly, if you’re inclined to do so you can fold the ends hotel style.  However, if you do this you have far too much time on your hands.

Do you agree?  Is there a correct way to hang a toilet roll?