Simply Pure

Madame insisted that I wash her beloved Bunny that she has had since birth.  It’s been in the washing basket for ages but I was reluctant to wash it especially after seing what happened to @missielizzieb’s vintage pooh when she put it in the washing machine!  It ended up costing them £400 to replace or fix the washing machine, I can’t remember which.

After a few hilarious conversations on twitter; one with a surgeon, who, when children bring their teddies into the theatre he always makes sure that the teddy is turned away so it doesn’t see any blood or gore!  Bless! Another attempted to wash a Father Christmas soft toy and it stood bolt upright the whole time, which apparently caused roars of laughter, we decided to brave it and wash bunny.

We used Simply Pure Hypoallergenic washing tabs (£2.89) that I’d been sent to review, which have been dermatologically tested, approved by the National Eczema Society, Phosphate free and Vegan.  I did chuckle at the last one as I couldn’t help wonder why people would eat them.  Don’t worry I do know that it means that Vegan’s don’t wish to consume anything with animal products in them.  The tabs do look slightly suspicious and I wouldn’t want to try and get them through Customs in my luggage.

Thankfully, Bunny survived the wash and I think a picture says a 1000 words.  They were the same colour when I started and Madame says Bunny smells ‘clean’.  Weirdly, I’ve done all of my laundry with the tabs as they are pure there is no scent but they do smell really clean???

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