Toddlers and iphones???

I was reluctant to let Madame play with my new iphone as she was already facing a life in front of screens, I didn’t realise there was any educational merit and I was sure she would damage it.  Boy was I wrong.  I’ve only downloaded a couple of toddler apps ‘iGoTo Farm’, ‘Shapes’, ‘Baby Piano’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus’ but have been truly impressed.  She knows her basic shapes, even though she doesn’t demonstrate it in this clip, but within seconds she learned crescent, oval and hexagon!


Do you have any other recommendations for Toddler iphone Apps, preferably free?

For those of you worrying, that Madame will spend hours of endless time on it, you don’t need to as she’s just gone out for a long bike ride with her dad!  I’m a strong believer of anything in moderation, except for red wine of course!  ;-)