Would you vaccinate your children?

Madame had her jabs today (Dip Booster, MMR 2 and PPT).  I didn’t break the news to her until we were in the car on the way to the surgery.  The nurse was brilliant explaining that she needed them to go to ‘big’ school.  Overall, she was very brave and only a few small tears.  However, a trip to Pick and Mix at Wilko’s after seemed to help.

I have to admit when the first round of jabs were due, when she was younger, I was, like most new mums hesitant, especially after all of the media attention about a possible link between the MMR jab and Autism, which has caused a plummet in the number of children being vaccinated and a rise in the cases of measles.  I did consider paying for 3 separate jabs privately.

However, I did a lot of reading and once I discovered that the research behind that claim had been discredited I felt a lot happier about having them.  I must admit though, the more and more I read the more confused I became.  Whilst writing this post I did even more reading and it brought up even more questions.  Especially, this article by a doctor stating they’re a waste of time.

Luckily, I have a good friend who is also a paediatric consultant and I trust her implicitly, so much so that if she said jump of a bridge I would.  She talked me through the pros and cons and said she would recommend vaccinations and she in fact, had both of her own kids vaccinated.  She also voiced concerns that many people were opting not to vaccinate their children.  Here is an article about the Dangers of Not Vaccinating your Child.

In the end, I opted to do what the doctor said.

What would you do? Would you vaccinate your kids?  Why or why not?

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please do leave me a comment.