Plastic Joy Award

It’s been a very exciting day here at, we’ve been given an award from @tattooed_mummy and to boot I get to put nekkid pictures on my blog.

To claim the Plastic Joy Award award ‘you must list 5 fictional characters that ‘you would’ (you know what I’m talking about! Don’t pretend and stop sniggering) these should be the character not ‘actors’ who play the characters on TV (so no David Tennant!!) but actually fictional characters themselves. You can expand on ‘why’ if you like but you can also just list them. (and leave us to comment and wonder!)’

And then, copy the badge to your blog, link back here and pass the award on to at least 5 people.

Now for my list in no particular order:

  • Obi-Wan (Star Wars)
  • Dr. Doug Ross (ER)
  • Will Scheuster (Glee) See earlier post ‘Dirty Old Woman
  • Dr. Gregory House (House)
  • Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

Now it’s your turn:


The Pilchard’s Blog

Adrian Burns

A Mother’s Ramblings

Penny’s Rambling Mind

Have fun!