Don’t tell your mum….

On the face of it this is a pretty harmless statement.  My husband often says this to our daughter when he’s taken her for a cheeky McDonalds, given her ice-cream before dinner or sloped off for a sneaky pint at the pub.  I’ve also been know to say ‘don’t tell your father’ if I’ve bought her something she really doesn’t need and we really can’t afford.

But, just imagine someone outside of your immediate family saying this; a sports coach, an estranged family member or some other unsavoury person.  It doesn’t have the same innocent ring to it does it?

This is why I’ve asked my husband not to say it and I’m going to try not to use it either.  I do know that some secrets are safe (gifts, surprise parties or harmless whispering in the playground between friends), but some are not.  I don’t want to instil that keeping secrets is okay.

When she is old enough, I hope to teach her the difference between good and bad secrets but at the moment I think she may be too young.

What do you think?

This great bit of advice was original given to me by my good mate, AnnieQPR.

Postcards from the Edge

As you all know I’m going on holiday next week to Canada.  I’m starting to get a bit nervous as I will be without you all for an entire month (Sad, eh?).  Do you like my use of eh?  Trying to fit in with the locals.   I’ll have internet access and the first thing I’ll be doing is putting Tweetdeck on my mum’s machine but it’s not the same with the time difference.  When it’s #wineoclock in the UK I’ll just be tucking into my Cheerios.  I must admit, I’m relishing the fact that for once you’ll be pissed and I won’t be!

I would love it, if you sent me a postcard so I can keep up to date on you escapades and won’t feel so left out!  Even if you’re not going on holiday you could always send me an electronic postcard (twitpic, blog link, or anything with a web address) from your local town and you know me, the funnier the better. Just add the link below.

I look forward to reading your postcards. I’m going to post a few as well.

Bon Voyage!