Sage Soft Open Kettle by Heston Blumenthal #review

You know you’re middle age when you get excited about a new kettle…..

It’s no secret that I think Sage Appliances by Heston Blumenthal are rather sexy.  I’ve also have the Multi-Cooker, which is not only a Slow Cooker but it sautés and makes rice and risotto, I’ve been known to drag friends in just to have a look at it.

Our kettle blew up earlier this week, well it didn’t actually blow up it just stopped working, we checked the fuse in the plug but guessing it is the element.  I never liked it anyway; it was dreadful for lime scale, splashed boiling water and took ages to boil.  We bought it as a quick cheap replacement for its predecessor.

Introducing my sexy new kettle!

Sage Soft Top Kettle by Heston Blumenthal

The Sage Soft Open Kettle (RRP £79.99) holds 1.7 litres, has a controlled lid opening so it doesn’t splash boiling water on you, has built in boil dry protection just in case I forget to fill it, not like I’ve ever done that before and it has a tram like ding.  ;-).  It was a little pricier than other kettles I’ve bought but I’ve had to replace them on a yearly basis so it’s a false economy really.  I’d rather pay a bit more for quality.

Just popping the kettle on!

Disclosure:  The Kettle was complimentary for review purposes.


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