Off to the Salon

As it was my birthday last week I thought I’d treat myself to a bit of pampering.  Before I had Madame I used to take better care of myself, with monthly trips to the salon, but now I’m lucky if I get to the hair-dressers twice a year!

So, I started with a bit of threading, an Indian technique for brow taming.  I’d really recommend it.  It’s like having a mini-facelift without the cost or scalpel.

I also splurged on a bikini wax as well, but for obvious reasons I didn’t take any photos or video.  Maybe I should have taken some audio!  You should have heard the woman yelping in the next room!

Then in an attempt to rescue my aging hands, you’d think I was 80, I had a manicure.

And to finish the look I had my hair done.

The damage:

  • Threading £11.50
  • Bikini Wax £17.00
  • Manicure £22.00
  • Lip Gloss £12.50
  • Mascara £20.00
  • Hair (Cut, Half head highlights and blow dry £115.00

I may not look like a million dollars but I do feel like it!  Well, at least I feel £198 lighter!!!  Another reason why I only go twice a year.