Ha ha! I’ve been tagged by the crazy Pippa to do the Karaoke Meme! Seriously, check out her video, she’s truly insane and completely sober! This one was dead easy for me and I’m doing a bit of a cheat. This is a video from a tweet up last year, where I did my rendition of Dancing Queen.

I’d be amazed if you haven’t seen it already. Do bear in mind I’d had 2 bottles of red wine. It’s a bl**dy miracle I was still standing!

The main reason I’m doing this one is because I’m dying to tag a few of you *insert evil laugh*! So, show us what you’ve got:

(apparently you don’t have to sing your song, you can just link a video but I think that’s cheating!)


Things Kids Say….

and 9 other things that make me smile.


Thanks to Heather @notesfromlapland for tagging me for this one.  I think she took pity on me, as noone had tagged me yet.  As usual, I’d like to make this open to everyone (not sure if this is against the rules) but it would be great to know if you do, so I can link back to you.

All you need to do is write a post, it doesn’t have to be a video of 10 things that make you smile and add this little badge.

What’s in Your Handbag?

I came across this Meme yesterday.  For those of you not familiar with Meme’s (I had no idea what they were till a week ago), someone does a blog post and invites others to do the same (e.g. favourite childhood memory, the most revolting thing you’ve done, etc).  Being a bull in a China shop I don’t wait around to be invited so when I find something that I like I just do it.  To be honest I’ve never been tagged to do one….I wonder why? ;-)

I’ve never had a handbag and never will.  My best friend has a Prada Handbag that cost £750…pure silliness.  I think there’s an inverse correlation between the price of a handbag and intelligence. So I must be a genius!  It contains my blackberry (which I hate) and my credit cards.  When I was in University I carried a man’s leather wallet and my grandmother was convinced I was a lesbian.  However, it does have a trusty strap so when I’m pissed I can wear it around my neck and not lose it.

My husband bought it for me after this……

Now, the contents of my jacket pockets are a whole different story……

As usual this is open to everyone.  So, what’s in your handbag?