Things you shouldn’t say to your kids

I was walking to Sainsbury’s the other day, it’s just around the corner, and came across a mum, possibly a 2-3 year old in the stroller and their dog, suitably on a lead.  The dog was whimpering a bit, nothing really.  But then I heard the child from the pram say ‘shut up’ to the dog, then the mum turns and said, ‘yes, tell him to shut up!’.

When we were growing up there were 3 things we were not allowed to say as kids:

  1. Shut Up!
  2. I hate you!
  3. I’m going to kill you!

Now that my sister and I are safely in our forties, we do tease our mum and taunt her with ‘Shut Up, I hate you, and I’m going to kill you’ in unison.  Luckily for us we’re too big to put over her knee but wouldn’t put it passed her to get the Lady Maker out (Wooden Spoon).

In my opinion, I find ‘shut up’ rude, offensive and insulting.  I know at times I’m screaming it in my head but would never say it to another person.  Well maybe I’ve been guilty of it on one or two occasions.

I really felt for the dog, but also dread to think how she speaks to her child when she’s not in public.

What words or expressions (remember this is a family blog) that you find offensive?  What can we say instead?





Things not to buy kids!

I don’t know what possessed my husband to buy one of these for my daughter’s scooter. Last week we saw a couple of kids with them in the park and I clearly remember stating what a ridiculous idea I thought it was. As usual it obviously went in one ear and out the other. He now regrets his decision, as it sounds as though we have a clown car zooming around the lounge!

I think it’s going to mysteriously disappear, possibly up an orafice (husband’s that is)!?!?!?

Bet you can’t listen to all 12 seconds of this! Feel my pain!


Replacement Windows

We desperately needed new windows.  They were single pane and the frames were rotting.  In winter, you could feel the gale force winds coming through.  We really couldn’t afford it but had to push the boat out to get some new ones.  To save a few pennies hubby decided against having a professional company do it and arranged to have ‘someone he knows’ install them, always a fatal error.  The measurements were double checked. The windows arrived in July amidst in-laws dying and they’ve been sitting in the garden ever since.

Today was the big day for the installations.  They quickly set up removing the old ones and installing the new ones.  So what do you think?

As you can see they hit a bit of a hiccup.   It wasn’t until they removed the old ones that they realised that the new ones didn’t fit.  There is a lot of finger pointing going on now.  Apparently, the people who made the windows didn’t take into consideration the corner posts, which should have been deducted from the measurements.  The only thing I know is that I won’t be paying for a new set.  Thankfully, they’re rushing through a new set and should be installed on Friday.

Weirdly, the ply windows are much warmer than the old ones????  I think we may be onto a new trend.  We’re calling it ‘Squat Chic’ it’s all the rage.  We may spray paint some graffiti on it; put some needles underneath and a can of Special Brew to finish orf!