How to talk to young kids about the internet?

I think it’s time I started talking about internet safety

A few months ago I attended a round table event hosted by AVG, where we spoke about online safety and how confident parents felt about dealing with it.  As a Technology Consultant in Education I do feel that I have a slight advantage to some parents  when it comes to the technical aspects, but I also feel a bit clueless about when I should start addressing it and how I’m going to do it.  

How young is too young?

My daughter is nearly 6 and one of my priorities is to keep her as safe as possible online.  To date I’ve really only addressed the technical aspects of this, setting restrictions on our ipad, smartphones and we supervise her when she is on the PC but I haven’t delved into actually ‘talking’ to her about the potential dangers of the net as I still think she is a bit young.  But I may be wrong.

However, now that she has started reading and writing I think we’ll need to start talking about this ‘very’ soon.  I’ve spent a fair amount time looking around the net for guidance and have written about it in the past ‘How to Keep Younger Children Safe Online’.  However, the majority of stuff I find is more targeted at slightly older children with reference to chat rooms, grooming and cyber bullying.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

At the meeting, I met Will Gardner the CEO of Childnet International, who spends a large part of his time travelling the country researching and talking to teens/kids about online safety.  I was truly horrified by some of the stuff that he’s come across and it’s far too graphic to detail on a family blog. There I was thinking that sexting was simply naughty text messages.  Oh boy, was I wrong!

Resources for Keeping Younger Children Safer Online

Resources for Parents - How to Keep yYounger Children Safer OnlineFollowing the meeting, as Will was aware I was more interested in resources for younger children, he sent me a couple of really useful resources.  They have written a short guidance sheet for parents ‘Keeping Younger Kids Safe Online‘ which is worth a read and the second was a copy of a delightful book about friendship and internet responsibility called Digiduck’s Big Decision (£2.80), which is the perfect way of introducing younger children to the dangers of the internet without giving them nightmares.  You can also read Digiduck’s Big Decision online.

I think like all other good habits we instill in our kids like healthy eating, excercise, hygiene and education we need to teach our kids about online safety at an early age so that responsible internet use becomes natural.

Thanks to Will for firing through these resources.  Your timing was perfect.  If anyone else has any Online Safety Resources for Younger Children I should have a look at please do add them in the comments section.






I wasn’t allowed to wear white as a child and now I can see why?

What mother in her right mind would let her daughter dress in white on Easter Sunday? Hmmm….let’s think about that; a day where kids can eat chocolate from the time they get up to the time they go to bed, coupled with chocolaty fingers and a very bad habit of using her clothes instead of a serviette.

Kids Online Fashion

To make matters worse we went on to the Annual Cadbury Easter Hunt at Ashridge Forest, we always have a great time, you get a map and clues to solve with an Easter Egg at the end but unfortunately, it was a mud bath this year.  It’s a flipping miracle the clothes weren’t ruined!


Outfit by

The Blue and White striped sweatshirt is Joules from Elfin Clothing (£27.95) and the white leggings (£12.50) are from Polarn O Pyret an all time favourite.


Luckily, they will live to see another day!

Disclosure:  both the top and trousers were complimentary




Happy 2nd Birthday Zalando

I rarely enter competitions, but I’m a mum who has let herself go and could really use £300 worth of new clothes!  Plus, I like Zalando!

It’s dead easy to enter the comp:

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So here goes!  Wish me luck!

Happy 2nd Birthday Zalando


I’ve got my Birthday Boogie Shoes on!



New School Shoes (for me)!

Out with the old and in with the new.  I don’t know if you’re like me, but since having my daughter I rarely treat myself.  I’ve gone from getting my hair done quarterly to yearly, my eye-brows resemble Bert from Sesame street and my skincare regime is non-existent, unless you count the use of baby wipes!

So, when I had the chance to treat myself, I upgraded my old trainers.  I honestly, can’t even remember when I bought them or where I bought them.  I think it may have been pre Madame or even longer. Yikes!  Thought I’d go a bit crazy and go for some colour.

Women's Shoes Online

They will be missed but are now relegated to mowing the lawn, gardening and DIY.

I also treated myself to a pair of jeans, but think I may have had one glass of wine too many and bought a pair that were too small.  God knows, what I was thinking!  I’ve never worn a 31, not even during University.  However, I managed to return them with little problem.

Disclosure: Thanks to Zalando UK for giving me the chance to treat myself.

Win a £50 Online Polarn O. Pyret Voucher (Children’s Fashion)

The Swedes are rather clever when it comes to all things design and this includes children’s fashion.  I was recently sent a Fleece Jacket (£39) and Check Shirt (£11) for my 5 year old and I love, love, love them.

You could feel the quality as soon as I took it out of the bag.  The shirt is so soft you can’t help but stroke it.   My husband thinks she looks like a Lumber Jack, but what does he know!  It looks great with black leggings and winter boots.

The attention to detail on the jacket is also impressive; everything from reflective strips, to little holes to put your thumb through to a Chin cover to protect against the zip from chafing.

Now it’s your chance!  Win a £50 Online Polarn O. Pyret Voucher.  Simply enter using the Rafflecopter Form Below.  UK Entrants only please.  A full list of Terms and Conditions are also available within the form.  Closes 12:01 am on the 7th Oct 2012 (EST).

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