Christmas Day?

I’m really struggling with what to do for Christmas Day.  My family are in Canada and hubby’s family is deceased.  So on Christmas day it is just the 3 of us. Too be honest it can be a bit boring, as all our friends are busy with their families.

The morning is fine.  We get up open our presents and now that Madame is 3 she’s much more excited about Christmas it should be magical.  Then we’ll have some breakfast: salmon, bagels, creamcheese, and scrambled eggs.  I may sneak in some Champagne and orange juice or maybe Bailey’s and coffee.  Then we head out to the pub for a couple of hours to enjoy a drink or two courtesy of the Landlord.

However, it’s the afternoon that is the challenge.  I can’t be bothered cooking a slap up meal for just the 3 of us.  I know it’s just a Sunday Roast with a few poppers and Christmas crackers but it is a lot of effort.

Last week we were invited to the 5* Anthenaeum Hotel in London to celebrate the opening of their children’s themed play room in conjunction with promoting their Christmas Package; Where guests who stay for three nights between 19th November and 4th January will receive complimentary ice skating tickets to Winter Wonderland, VIP afterhours access to Hamleys, four hours of free babysitting and they have a Children’s Concierge. I have to say the four hours of free babysitting nearly swung it for me.

If we could do one night I could justify it, unfortunately you have to do a minimum of two nights.  My husband would have a coronary if I spent £700 for two nights.  However, I did have a look around on the internet and one local to us is charging £2000 for 3 nights so it actually looks like a great deal!

So, in the end, I think we will book into a local pub for lunch or I will make hubby cook!

What are you doing over Christmas?

Disclosure: we received 3 complimentary VIP tickets to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and High Tea at the Hotel