Pure Genius! Personalized Cup Bands for Kid’s Drinking Bottles


Do you ever see something and think why the h*ll didn’t I think of that.  I don’t know how many of my daughter’s drinking cups we have lost through the years.  When she was younger, if I had two the same Sippy cups but different colours, I’d switch the tops so they would stand out a bit more, but  I still managed to lose them regularly.


One of our local mums have come up with this idea and as many know I’m a huge supporter of mums in business.  When Kate first sent me a Bandino Cup Band, I got so excited I bleated about it on every social platform I have access to, so you may have seen them already, but I do genuinely think they are genius.

Labels for Drinking Bottles


They are incredible flexible and can fit on almost any drinking cup, I’m now using ours for my daughter’s water bottle.  One of the things I really like is the ability to personalize them, but you can also put your child’s class name, allergies, phone number or anything else on it you want.

Name Labels for Sippy Cups


A Pack of 3 retails for £8.95, much cheaper than repeatedly replacing cups!