Brand Bails out Blogger!

I don’t want to dwell too much on the company that let me down but I’d rather spend my time ‘Bigging Up’ the company that came to my rescue.

Where it all went wrong

However, to better understand the situation you will need a bit of background.  On a Friday night, I run a small Twitter quiz.  A company offered me 3 prizes for the winners.  The competition went well with a lot of exposure to the brand.  I contacted the company to inform them of the winners but then it went deadly quiet for a few weeks.  I emailed numerous times, tweeted and even tried to phone but there was no phone number on the website.  I had a very bad feeling about it all.

The winners, were incredibly understanding and said ‘Chrissie, don’t worry about it, it’s fine’.  But sorry, in my book, if I promise you something, I will deliver even if I have to pay for it myself.  In the end, a light bulb went off and I thought.  Why don’t a contact someone who offers a similar service and see if they would be willing to help me out of a pickle.  So, I contacted a company that I’ve worked with on a couple of occasions (see picture), explained my plight and was fully expecting them to politely decline as it was in no way their problem.

Knight in Shining Armour

But when I opened up my email first thing in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised; there was a response from Mark from Hello Canvas offering to help out.  Within 30 minutes the winners each had gift certificates for a photo on canvas with the size 16 x 24 inch/40 x 60 cm.  As another blogger said ‘this speaks volumes for the company’s ethos’ and I can’t agree more.

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Mark and the team at Hello Canvas for bailing me out of a tight spot and if you think they’re as fab as I do please feel free to tweet them @hellocanvas telling them how wonderful they are.

As for the other company, after a very harsh email from myself and a bit of pressure from a few of my twitter friends I did get a response and they did in the end uphold their end of the bargain.  Apparently, they had an intern, who was responsible for this but has now been fired. They were very embarrassed by the whole situation, but in the end I still feel it’s the company’s responsibility.  Sadly, I will not be able to recommend them in future.



Personalised Gifts

My hubby took this photo of Madame when we were on holiday in Wales recently.  I love it.  I hate to admit it but he always manages to get better photos than me on his iphone.  He thinks its skill and struts around like a proud peacock, but I’m convinced he has different camera software on his iphone.  Anyhow, we had it put onto a canvas for our photo display in the kitchen which some of you may have spotted in my Kitchen Tour.

Unfortunately, when my mum was here recently from Canada she took a liking to it, so much that she took it with her when she left!!!  Now there was a gaping hole in our display.

Coincidentally, the team at Bags of Love contacted us and asked us if we wanted to review one of their canvases!  Result.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used Bags of Love for canvases.  Quite a few years ago I had three done of some stunning photos I took when on holiday in Jordan.  Unfortunately, it involved my ex so they have been relegated to the loft.  Normally, I would have buzzed them but they are such good quality I can’t bring myself too.  I’m thinking I can use the frames for something else.

The new canvas arrived and we are truly impressed with it.  It does seem a bit darker than the last one but that’s down to the poor quality of the image and not the folks at Bags of Love.  I also like the fact that it’s not as deep as the other one, the other one was a couple of inches thick (sorry for the imperial measure).  The service was also very quick.  I think it arrived in a couple of days.  I’m not sure how much this one would have cost but I just had a quick look on the site and the prices look reasonable and they have a 2 for 1 deal on at the moment.

In addition, to photo canvases they also do personalised gifts, designer bedding and photo montages.

So what do you think?



Fun with Photos!

I’ve been having a whale of a time playing with Colour Splash on my Iphone. I’m a rubbish photographer so I love anything that can help me tart up my photos. I think it cost £1.19. Basically, upload a photo, it turns it to black and white and with a stroke of your finger add a touch of colour….it’s so easy and weirdly therapeutic. I loved colouring in as a kid. Click here for a review and tutorial.

A huge thank you to @robsteadman for introducing me to it. What do you think? P.S.  this is not a sponsored post in anyway.

Have fun!