Sun Glasses

I don’t have a trademark but if I did it would probably be wearing sunglasses on my head.  Anyone who knows me will testify to this…it has nothing to do with the weather, as it rains one out of three days in the UK, but more to do with wanting to keep my hair out of my eyes.  I even wear them in torrential rain.

I have never spent more than £10 on sunglasses in my life.   I recently lost my glasses and gave it a few days to relocate them.  In the end, I couldn’t find them and plumped for a new pair from Accessorize, identical to the pair that I’d lost as I felt naked without them.  Sods law, I found them the next day in my hubby’s toolbox, no idea how they ended up there!  Thinking I’d had a few wines and decided to do some DIY!

However, I was sent a pair of sunglasses from the folk at Polaroid; I’d describe them as posh (£75) but my mates wear £200 sunglasses so this is probably laughable to them.  As soon as I took them out of the case you could feel the quality, they didn’t wobble, were fashionable and they actually blocked out the sun.  I was scared to wear them.  They also came with a robust case and a cloth to clean them, I usually use my shirt and a bit of gob!

Seriously, they’re lovely; the only thing is, I don’t think they suit me???  Be honest, I’m a big girl and if you’re really my friends you’ll tell me the truth and take the piss incessantly.  My hubby had a right giggle.  I’d tell you if you had a bogey hanging out of your nose.  So please vote, I value your point of view.

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They also sent an absolutely adorable pair for Madame in blue, as I told them about my aversion to pink, unfortunately, they were too small for her but I think Milo, our neighbour will look rather handsome in them!