Mummy, where do……

This is my daughter’s latest obsession.  She wants to know where everything on her plate comes from.  Yesterday for example:

Mummy, where do these (broccoli) come from?

They grow in the garden

Mummy, where do carrots come from?

They grow in the ground.

Mummy, where do potatoes come from?

They grow in the ground as well

Where does beef come from?

It comes from cows.

No, it doesn’t mummy, milk comes from cows.


I don’t think I’m quite ready to tell her that they’re fattened up, transported to an abattoir, stunned with a rubber bullet, have their necks slit, then carved up, packaged and we then buy it from Sainsbury’s.

So my response:

Yes sweetie, you’re right!  Silly mummy!