Aviation Museums, London

It must be a boy thing!  When I first moved in with my husband and to this day I’ve never found any evidence of any porn??  Weird I know and trust me I’ve looked.  However, I did find a plethora of RC Airplane paraphernalia.  This should have sent the alarm bells ringing that a future of Air Shows and Air Museums lay ahead.

For our anniversary, I bought my husband a netbook (romantic eh?) and honestly thought he’d eventually wander into those sites but no, he spends hours on end searching on EBay for 2nd hand remote control glider equipment.  He’s even bidding on stuff that isn’t in English, thanks to Google translator.

I really shouldn’t complain, it’s not like he has a gambling problem nor is he a secret cross-dresser and Madame loves them as well.  So, I do humour him and have been to the RAF Museum in Hendon and this morning we went to the de Havilland Mosquito Museum near Potters Bar. To be fair, it’s not just Airplane Museums that bore me but museums in general.  The only two exceptions to this have been the Sex Museum in Amsterdam and the Icelandic Phallological Museum (yes it’s a museum dedicated to willies).

At least, I save a few quid on an Audio Tour as I get a blow by blow from hubby the whole way around!

A Great Day Out! RAF Museum Hendon

I’m always looking for inexpensive family days out (in Herts or North London Area), not that we can’t afford it but I object to paying and arm and a leg to spend quality time with my daughter. @annieqpr one of my twitter mates recommended the RAF Museum in Hendon.

Earlier this week my daughter asked to go to an airport and I duped her by taking her to the local outlet centre which looks like an airport.  I think you’ll agree from the photo.  She had a great time running around but I don’t think the ride-on airplane fooled her. So I thought it was only fair to make more of an effort!

We had a great morning at the museum and it was all free, including the parking!  I’m not a plane enthusiast but my husband is a real anorak.  His father serviced planes during the war, which I attribute to this fascination. I’ve also been told that it’s a bloke thing.  I learned the date they painted black and white stripes on the bottom of planes, the equivalents to German planes and the process of recovery planes from lakes in Europe.

I really didn’t mind though because Madame absolutely loved it.  She just ran around shouting plane, plane, plane!  There’s also an interactive section for kids…she’s a bit young to get a lot out of it, but she did get to press buttons and things happened.  Plus, her daddy got to make a fool of himself on a glider and sat in a tiny helicopter (Roberts R22).

We ate in the Wings restaurant, which I wouldn’t recommend, but you could take your own food as there is an area for those who do.

All in all, a great day out!

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