Saturday Night Sleepover Club

Saturday Night Sleepover Club was a resounding success!  I must admit I was a bit nervous.  I’m not very good at being woken up at the night, especially when it’s a distraught child and not my own.  Her mother and I’d spoken about trying it but we weren’t too sure as they’re only 3.5 years old.  Both families are in a situation where we don’t have family nearby that can look after them. Yes, we have a reliable sitter but it adds to the cost of a night out and the worst thing is dealing with a 3 year old in the morning with a hangover.

They do go to school together and know each other from the pub but they’re at the stage of playing side by side. We don’t want to force them to be friends but it would be really handy.  It was all a bit impromptu.  Madame’s friend came around for a play in the afternoon, we had a street party to go to and she wanted to come along.  The girls seemed to be getting on well so I rang her mum and we decided to ask the little one if she would like to stay over and she jumped at the chance.  The only stipulation was that mum and dad were at the end of the phone.

My biggest worry was getting them to sleep.  Bath time was a blast; I think there was more water on the floor than in the bath.  We had a little squabble about a pink towel but other than that it was a breeze.  They feasted on ice-cream and popcorn while watching a DVD.  Hubby read them one book and they were asleep within minutes.  We didn’t hear a peep out of them all night.  They slept from 9pm to 9am!

Back in December we were supposed to go and clear my deceased in-laws house and thankfully a good friend offered to take Madame for the night.  The lovely people at Readybed sent us a Toystory 3 Readybed to try out, which is proving to be very useful.  It takes about 10 minutes to inflate with a foot pump, has an integrated pillow and blanket and stores easily.  Unfortunately, that trip was postponed due to the freak snow-storms in the UK.  But, we’ve now used it twice and it’s a god-send as we don’t have a spare bedroom or any space to spare really.

The little one didn’t seem to have any complaints.  However, I got up at 5am to check on them and she’d rolled onto the floor.  She was still covered but sound asleep, so I didn’t dare move her as I didn’t want to wake her.

The funniest thing was the state of her parents when they arrived to pick her up this morning.  I really wish I had my camera at hand.  They were in their flannel jammies and flip-flops!  They look like they had a really good night.  I think I’m going to be blamed for their hangovers today but they were very grateful for a night out. Now we can’t wait for our turn!