My Top Ten Iphone Apps for Toddlers

I’ve just returned from Canada, which is a 9.5 hour flight with a toddler.  She’s nearly 3 and I couldn’t have done it without my Iphone; even though we were told that even if we put our phones in flight safe mode we were not allowed to use them at any point during the flight, which I think is a load of bull!  If they interfered with flight communication I’m sure pilots would demand that they were taken off of everyone! Anyhow the dolly birds didn’t notice.

Here are my top ten apps.  What are your favourites?

Toddler Teasers (Shapes)

My daughter now knows what a hexagon is!



Good old game of memory.  I was surprised she coped with this one.


Circus Find

Help the clown find his nose. This one is slightly irritating for those adults in the room.


Count TV

Can’t beat the classics.  Number 9 is a scream.


IGo to Farm

Interactive trip through the farm.


Itsy Bitsy

Splash in the puddles and see who pops up.


Peekaboo Farm

See who pops up in the barn.


Pocket Story

Read the story yourself or it will read it to you.


Sound Shaker

Weird but amusing.  Tap the screen and then shake it.


I Hear Ewe

Exploring animal sounds.


These are not all free.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember which ones I paid for.  Worth every penny though.

Note: If you want to do screen captures like these on your iphone just hold down the home button and then press the power button.