Fish is Easy!

 Fish is the Dish –Top fish tips for all the familyLast week I flew up to Edinburgh to learn how to cook fish.  The Scottish Taxi driver thought this was truly hysterical, ‘why would a Canadian bird from London come all the way to Edinburgh to learn how to cook fish? What is there to learn, you just dip it in batter and fry it, we fry everything in Scotland including Mars Bars’.

It was an absolutely brilliant day!  We started with a Champagne reception at Loch Fyne, followed by a tour of a fishmongers and  we were then whisked off to Martin Wishart’s Cook School for a Master Class by the lovely Jacqueline O’Donnell from Glasgow’s famous Sisters restaurant.

She showed us how to prepare 3 simple fish recipes; including a scrumptiously easy Mackerel pâté, quick fish in foil and a seafood broth that one of the women said tasted fishy?????  Before she set us loose in the kitchen she showed us how to filet a fish, I have to say I made a complete pigs ear of it.  I think Jacqueline’s face in the picture says it all, it was more of a fish finger than a fillet, which resulted in fits of laughter.

The trip was to mark the start of Seafish’s new campaign ‘Fish is Easy’ to encourage families to eat more fish from sustainable stocks.  Over the next few months I’ll be sent a selection of fish, vegetables and recipes to try out with their support so watch this space.

Disclosure:  All expenses for this trip were met by Seafish