I’m Going to Burn in Hell!

I always thought I was a genuinely nice person but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m truly evil.  This week I’ve found myself laughing when I really shouldn’t.

1)  The lovely @sarahchocolate was trying to erect a flat pack book shelf from IKEA.  I suggested she move it upstairs in pieces so that she could assemble it in situ.  Apparently, they have a black hole in their house and she dared not to.  Last I heard she had put the shelves in back to front and had resorted to wine!  Bless!  *snort*

2.) I was sent this video to cheer me up by @mummyofseven…I have to admit that I nearly wet myself watching it.  Apparently, it’s okay to laugh as he filmed it himself but to be honest I can’t imagine living with such a condition.  Please tell me that you laughed! :-s

3.) Lastly, my poor husband was hit with a tummy bug this week.  He spent the last 48 hours in the loo, I was tempted to offer to install SKY…all I could hear upstairs was running and slamming of doors.  Not very sympathetic I know, however I did drive to Urgent Care at 3.30 am for him.  I’m not sure why I found Braille on a pack of Imodium so funny!

Shall I book you a seat next to me in hell?

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