I love a bit of retro!

Boy, times have changed?

Did you have some of these babies?












Or were you lucky like me and had some of these Sexy Mamas?  Note: I got these on my sister’s birthday, she got a pair but I got some as well, one of the benefits of having divorced parents.  #daddyguilttrip.  Don’t think she has ever forgiven me.











But look at the one’s kids get today, Heelys.  Too cool!  You can pop the wheels out and use them as shoes!  Love it!   Psst, don’t tell her she’s getting exercise as well!














I honestly, think these would make a fab Christmas present.  My 5 year old is struggling a bit but hell bent on working them out.  I do love the determination.

Disclosure:  The Heelys were complimentary but great fun!