Breaking Bad – Better Late Than Never

Review of Breaking Bad

What’s all the fuss about?

Everywhere I turned Facebook, Twitter and the pub, everyone kept talking about how amazing Breaking Bad was.  Many using the word ‘addiction’ to describe their new watching habits.  Many watching several episodes a night and finishing all 5 series in a week or two.  Quite a few of them have already started to watch it a second time.

When I tell people who have already watched it, that I’m just starting it,  they all tell me how ‘jealous’ they are.

A review of Breaking Bad

I had a general idea of the story line;  a Chemistry teacher is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and in a desperation to care for his family once he’s gone, he turns to a life of crime – using his Chemistry genius to cook up the purest Crystal Meth.   For some reason it really didn’t grab my attention, but with the level of hype around it I decided to give it a go as I have it via Netflix UK.

Hook, line and sinker!

I’m not a big telly watcher but I was hooked from the opening scene of the Pilot which aired in 2008.  Why was a man driving a motor home on a desert highway, in his pants wearing a gas mask, with two dead guys rolling around in the back and another slumped over the dashboard?  What could have possibly led up to that moment?

Opening Scene Breaking Bad

The cinematography is amazing, the plot is compelling and the casting perfect.  I made the assumption that both of the main characters Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) were relatively unknown, but this is down to my lack of TV watching.  I had no idea that Aaron had such an extensive list of credits to his name (e.g. Need for Speed, ER and Mission Impossible III) and so does Bryan.

I’m only half-way through series two so no spoilers please!  Should I watch it slowly to savour it or is it impossible?  I even found myself telling my taxi driver all about it the other morning.





My Top 8 TV Series to Watch on Netflix

What TV Series to Watch on Netflix UK?

Netflix UK

As I’ve said before I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV but am really enjoying being able to watch TV series on demand via Netflix.  On occasion, I find myself watching a couple of episodes a night and getting through series fairly quickly.  It really helps me to keep up with any complicated story lines.

In the past, if I was to watch TV, to give you an idea of my taste in TV programmes (or lack of), I would tend to watch things like Six Feet Under, Nip Tuck, 24, the Sopranos, House, The Office and Doc Martin.

So far so good!

We recently finished watching series two of House of Cards, about a scrupulous husband and wife in politics, who will do anything to succeed, starring Kevin Spacey, so you can’t go wrong.  Now we can’t wait for series three to come out.  I honestly, have no idea if there is in fact plans for series three.

We’ve just started watching the first series of Lilyhammer and I love it.  It’s about an ex-mobster, who testifies against one of his previous bosses, then is given a new identity and moves to rural Lillehammer in Norway.  The characters are brilliant and the opportunity for hilarity immense.

What TV Series Should I Watch on Netflix UK

Next on our Watchlist

I’ve been asking around for a few recommendations for when we finish Lilyhammer and after checking out the recommendations descriptions and ratings on IMDB we hope to watch the following.  This should take us through to at least Christmas 2014.

Orange is the New Black – this one was recommended time and time again.  The description on IMDB is very limited.  Apparently, it’s about a 30 year old who gets sent to prison for a crime her girlfriend committed 10 years before but with the number of recommendations I’m going to give it a go.

Breaking Bad – after being diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and given only 2 years to live the main character turns to a life of crime to ensure that his family are financially secure after he is gone.

Dexter – we have watched a couple of episodes of this and it is truly disturbing.  Dexter, who during the day works for the Miami Police Department, moonlights in the evening as a Serial Killer, but don’t worry he only kills bad people.

The Good Wife – after her husband a politician is put behind bars for a sex and corruption scandal she is left to fend for her two kids so returns to work as a litigator in the courtroom.

Homeland – A Marine Sergeant is rescued after being kept captive in Iraq for 8 years and hailed a war-hero, but Carrie a member of the Counter Terrorism Unit reckons that he may have been turned by Al-Qaeda.

Blacklist –  A former government agent has eluded capture for 10 years but suddenly turns himself in promising to help catch a terrorist but will only work with a young FBI profiler.

There seems to be a theme running through my choices.  What else should we be watching?  Do leave your suggestions in the comments below.