What’s in My Fridge

I’ve decided not to go grocery shopping this week!  I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t be bothered dragging Madame around Morrison’s and I’ve just had a look in my cupboards/fridge. I have over 25 tins (everything from tomatoes to coconut milk), pasta, rice, packet sauces and the freezer is stocked with a reasonable amount of meat.  I normally prefer to cook with fresh ingredients, as it’s the healthier option, but it seems wasteful and ludicrous to spend money when we don’t need to.

I’m not sure if this was inspired by Heather @notesfromlapland’s blog about eating out of date food but it did spring to mind when I wrote this.

I should be okay for the first couple of days, but when all else fails I’ll just pop what ingredients I do have into Google and add the word recipe!  I may also try Meals in My Fridge, a site where you enter what you have in the fridge and it finds a recipe for you

Tonight we’ll be having a sausage casserole courtesy of Coleman’s Packet Sauces.  I dread to think of the e-numbers so I’m not even going to look.  All I need is sausages, onion, mushrooms, and potatoes.  All of which I have.

Wish me luck