MOMA! Oatie Breakfast

I’m not very good at eating breakfast or lunch for that matter.  For breakfast I normally have a coffee and a ***, which I affectionately call ‘breakfast of champions’.  It isn’t a weird starvation diet type thing I just get so busy with Madame that I forget.  It’s usually around dinner time or after a glass of wine, I think ‘woe’ I don’t feel right, and then I realise that I’ve forgotten to eat.

I don’t know how many times I’ve bought pots of yoghurt with the intention of eating them and by the time I get to them they’ve passed the sell by date.  The people at MOMA sent me some of their Oatie Breakfast to try.  It reminds me of a Swiss Muesli that I used to eat back home in Canada.  It’s a mixture of jumbo oats soaked in Apple Juice, low fat pro-biotic yoghurt and fruit.  I have to say it didn’t look that appetizing, a bit like wall-paper paste, when I opened the pot but it smells and tastes great.  My favourite is the Strawberry and Banana.

I can see myself having breakfast more often.  It comes in individual portions or a family pot so I have no excuses as it takes seconds to serve.  Madame hasn’t tried it yet but I think she’ll like it.

You can find it at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, John Lewis and Wendell’s.  A full list of stockist can be found at  The family pot (850g) retails for £2.99.

Oh that reminds me….I haven’t had any lunch.