Quick..what can I do to these pork chops for dinner???

@misterphipps English mustard and brown sugar. Grill. Great on Pork Chops!

@flossiebella best chops recipe ever – grill then spoon of apple sauce & grated strong cheddar on each & grill until cheese bubbles. Heaven!

@MissKatiana2 or if it nor been said, mix some paxo & put that on top & grilll!!

@pennynash or maybe grill them and then put apple sauce on top and then melt cheese on top of that

@p1tsy Olive oil, salt & pepper, under hot grill both sides till cooked thru? Serve with apple sauce if u have mash & veg & some gravy

@OMGLOLOMG dip in egg cover in breadcrumbs and put in oven…yummy

@BubblyNatz you chop n onion into rings, sprinkle oxo on top of chops then onion, then whole toms(tinned) top with stuffing and bake!

@Davidintruder grill them with sliced apples desert apples will do few peas and boiled spuds on the side and a drop of gravy simples x

@fi69 drizzle with oil and sage if you have it. Grill. Fry some apple slices in butter. ta-da!

@GeoffDicks grill or bake then with some sliced apple underneath…. dab of honey on top?

@Tinybikerchick I’m having cheesy mash n gravy with my pork chops grilled

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