Pancake Day

I was really excited about making pancakes today.  @iaingilmour sent me a recipe for American style pancakes but it wasn’t until I started cooking them I realised that he had sent me two recipes; one for traditional American Pancakes and one for British Pancakes and I used the wrong one.  Our frying pan has a slope and when it all pooled in one corner I twigged!

I know I live in the UK now, but I was really looking forward to thick buttermilk pancakes and yes, being Canadian, I put maple syrup on my bacon.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to partake in the ‘Will She Flip it, A Pancake Vlog’ but here is my daughters rendition of Pancake Day.  I think it was a hit……


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One thought on “Pancake Day”

  1. Awwww. what a gorgeous little thing she is! And you totally did get that pancake stuck on the ceiling, didn't you? go on, admit it!

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