Sad Day on My Street!

It was a sad day on my street for me today.  It was officially the last early morning coffee at my lovely neighbour @elladickson’s as they are moving across town on Friday.  I know it’s only across town but it won’t be the same around here.  Funnily, we worked on a project together for 3 years before we knew that we lived on the same street.

It’s been absolutely invaluable having a neighbour so close by with a child of a similar age; being able to pop around in slippers with a half dressed child because they won’t get dressed, slinging our children through each others doors when we’ve had enough, emergency child care when needed, borrowing everything from milk to cat food to chairs, sneaking in and using the tumble dryer when they’re on holiday, cat sitting but most importantly a freshly brewed coffee and a good chat/moan!

I’ve met many mums since having Madame and do spend a lot of time with people I may not normally have sought out.  I wouldn’t call these people friends more as acquaintances.  Ella and I are very different, but I like to think we’ve developed a friendship.  I drink, she doesn’t, she went to Oxford, I didn’t, she knits, I don’t, she’s an avid reader, I’m not and the list could go on and on…..we do, however, both have a teaching background, both like Glee and both spend too much time on the internet.  Come to think of it she’s the person that introduced me to Twitter!  Fittingly, our last morning was spent huddled around a computer me showing her how to use Google Reader and her showing me Google Street View while the little ones were playing upstairs.

For the most part our kids get on well, but they do fight like siblings at times but I’m sure they’re going to miss each other. I’m not looking forward to Madame noticing that they’ve moved.  Luckily, they’re only across town so I hope we’ll still see them.

I need to return their house key but I may slip it through the door so I don’t have to say goodbye again.

Guys, I can’t thank you enough for everything and we wish you all the best with your move!

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6 thoughts on “Sad Day on My Street!”

  1. I'm sure you will see them again, often. Good friends don't lose touch. It must be lovely to have a friend like that. Don't mean to sound sad, but I don't have a friend like that, having no neighbours can sometimes be a disadvantage in the friendship department!

    Best wishes to your friend for her move.
    CJ xx

  2. I can second what CJ said.. I moved 35 miles away from my neighbour and best friend, and we saw each other, albeit not as regularly, but often.

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