CHAOS: Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome

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I was flipping through the book that Josie from ‘Sleep is for the Week’ sent me for the Secret Gift Club this month and came across the expression CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) and absolutely loved it.  You know the times you think of having an impromptu coffee morning, then have a quick look at the state of the house and discount it immediately as it would take too much effort to get the house in a presentable order.  So you all opt to meet at a dreaded soft play centre.

My only advice is….


I’ve taken a load of stick on Twitter about my cleaner.  One person even unfollowed me when I joked about ‘loving my cleaner more than my husband’ as he said he couldn’t cope with my middle class smugness.  Arse!

I have to say it’s the best £16 a week I spend, which is nothing compared to my wine budget.  She comes for two hours and it ensures that the loos, floors, kitchen are done once a week, although we manage to trash it within minutes.  Seriously, if you’re having trouble keeping up get one!  Hubby did broach getting rid of her at one point to save money, but he changed his mind when I threatened to insert the broom……

Both my husband and I work, so our weekends are very precious to us and I don’t want to spend it wearing Marigolds!

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9 thoughts on “CHAOS: Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome”

  1. I completly agree with you on the cleaner front, at the time (when i had my own house and wasnt back with my parents) I was working non-stop and my ex was a lazy bastard who wouldnt do anything around the house. We got a cleaner who came in once every fortnight, she always did a lovely job and really took the preassure off of me. I miss her and my house :-(Definatly think I'll have to work a cleaner allowence into my budget when i next move out, I almost count it ad one of those little luxuries like going to the beauticians…sad i know lolx

  2. What can I say, I used to be like you, but then I found Fly Lady. I wont go on as it can be a bit cult like! But once you get past the shine your shink and pop on your shoes, it is fabtastic

  3. Totally agree – our cleaner saves a whole lot of arguments around here. She does the bathroom / toilet cleaning / floor mopping / bed changing so I don't have to (and irons Mr's shirts)I work full time so my free time is scarce and valuable – I still do tidying and daily cleaning but the bigger stuff I outsourceIf you can afford it then go for it – its not smug & middle class, its practical

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